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Hindu Terrorists Get Drunk And Savagely Beat Christian Pastor For Preaching The Gospel And As A Result Bringing Five Hindu Families To Christ

A Christian pastor was attacked and severely beaten by a drunken Hindu mob for preaching the Gospel and thanks to his preaching, winning the conversion of five Hindu families for Christ according to a recent report:

A group of drunken Hindu nationalists brutally beat a 26-year-old pastor in southern India who had been falsely accused of “forcibly” converting five families. It was an attempt to murder, the victim’s wife says.

Pastor Banothu Sevya was in a coma for two days following the attack by masked men near Jamandlapalli village in Telangana state last month while he was returning from a prayer meeting on a motorcycle, Morning Star News reported Sunday.

“They pushed me off the bike and started beating me with sticks and kicking me,” the pastor was quoted as saying. “My nose and ears were bleeding. I lost my consciousness.”

Local rightwing Hindus had threatened and warned the pastor against “converting” tribal families in his village.

“Most Banjaras (aboriginals) say they get afflicted by evil spirits,” the pastor explained. “They want them to be sent away. Some want to be healed, some need the Lord’s help in their pursuits to get educated. I share the gospel and pray for them. We witnessed the Lord doing miracles among them. He does not forsake anyone who comes to Him.”

“They attempted to murder him,” the pastor’s wife, Banothu Anusha, said of the of the Oct. 5 incident. Doctors told her he had blood clots in the cerebral area, brain coordination problems, injury to his eye and a damaged eardrum.

Anusha also said she had forgiven “the youth who attacked, and I am praying for them.”

Sevya’s church in Sri Raja Thanda, a tribal hamlet in Mahabubabad District, has 60 members. (source, source)

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