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Five Christian Families Flee For Their Lives After Muslims Falsely Accuse Teenager Of ‘Blasphemy’ And Are Now Hunting Them Down And Threatening To Wipe Out Their Church


Muslims in Pakistan started a revenge campaign against a Christian teen named Arshad by claiming he ‘insulted Islam.’ The Police have said the charges are completely false and started by the Muslims, but now because of the campaign five Christian families have had to flee, including the teen, as Muslims are sharing their photos online and threatening to them hunt down and wipe out their church according to a recent report:

Five Christian families in Pakistan are compelled to leave their homes and village as a 18-year-old youth among them has been charged of committing blasphemy. As indicated by media reports, these families are inhabitants of Sukheki village, somewhere in the range of 200 kilometers from Lahore.

These Christian families needed to escape their homes after the photo of a Christian youth was shared on Facebook and individuals of the range were induced to kill him and consume the congregation. There are reports that a Muslim mob had likewise been composed to rebuff the Christian young man.

Police authorities told that circumstance was brought under control a case had been enlisted against the individuals who had made this phony Facebook page. Cop Tahir Hussain told that there was no proof of the Christian boy named Arshad had submitted any blasphemy whatsoever. It was a phony campaign. The issue has been sent to Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) with the goal that the offenders behind the page could be found.

Then again, Christian counselor Naseer Ghulam told the media that he had no clue where were the Christian families who had fled the area to save their lives and what conditions they are in. He additionally had no idea of why Arshad Masih was being encircled for this case. (source)

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