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Mexican Drug Cartel Kidnaps Man, Strips Him Naked, Impales Him Through The Anus On A Stick, And Then Saws His Head Off


One of the evil drug cartels plaguing Mexico kidnapped a man. After stripping him naked, they impaled him on a stick through the anus and then sawed his head off according to a recent report:

Yesterday, authorities located the body of a 40-year-old man in the rubbish dump of the Zipolite municipal agency in San Pedro.

First reports indicate that said subject was located in the undergrowth of the place half-naked, beheaded and with a stick in the anus, Upon arrival, police of the area began to conduct law investigations to discover who or who were the cause of such cruel murder .

The man’s status is unknown in the municipal pantheon, it is expected that in the next few hours he will be claimed by relatives. (source)

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