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The Patriarch Of The Russian Orthodox Church Declares: ‘Christians Are Being Persecuted All Over The Middle East And Africa, People Are Being Slaughtered And Millions Have Been Displaced From Their Homes.’


By Walid Shoebat

The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church has declared that Christians all over the Middle East and Africa are being persecuted, and millions of people (not necessarily Christians, but Muslims as well) been displaced from their homes. This is very true, given that over two million people in Nigeria have been displaced by the violence of Boko Haram. As we read in one report from the Times:

The Archbishop of Canterbury and the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church have called for immediate help for Christians persecuted in the Middle East and Africa and an effective response to terrorism by the world’s religious and political leaders.

In his first visit to Russia, the Most Rev Justin Welby joined Patriarch Kirill in denouncing “mass killings, the barbaric destruction of churches, the desecration of holy sites and the expulsion of millions of people from their homes”.

They said the war in Syria and Iraq had left millions of people homeless and without means of existence. Widespread humanitarian assistance was needed for the vast number of refugees, including those who had ended up in Europe and America.

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