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Mexican Drug Cartel Boss LIVING IN THE USA Takes A Six-Year-Old Girl And Cuts Her Apart Piece-By-Piece In Front Of Her Parents, As She Screams For Help He Laughs And Says To Her Parents “This Way You Will Remember Me”


Millan Vaszquez was a major drug cartel boss who was arrested in San Antonio, TX and sentenced to life in prison. During his trial the gruesome details of his actions as a drug kingpin in Mexico were revealed, which included cutting people up into little pieces and either burning or cooking the pieces. In one particularly horrible incident, he dismembered a six-year-old girl in front of her parents, and as the girl screamed for help he laughed and told her parents ‘this way you will remember me’:

Millán Vázquez is a ruthless assassin, who in Piedras Negras, Coahuila dismembered with an ax a living girl, in front of his parents, and murdered and “cooked” at least a dozen victims, while in San Antonio he went to mass on Sundays .

During the trial, several of the witnesses who gave testimony described the activities of Millán Vázquez in the Los Zetas criminal organization, and told about the bribes they made to buy authorities in the state.

For example, Adolfo Efrén Tavira Alvarado, Televisa’s former programming manager, gave his testimony at the trial and confessed that Los Zetas “controlled the Piedras Negras municipal police. They also bought commands from the Federal Police and some members of the Army and had arrangements with the PGR. With the Navy they could not, “he said.

He added: “I learned of a contribution that was given to the governor in 2012. It was for the governor Rubén Moreira, I do not know how much money he was. I was present in a delivery but I left before the delivery was made. It was at the Rancho de Beto Casas. They gave him a Suburban full of money bags, but I did not know the amount. ”

Another of the witnesses, Rodrigo Humberto Uribe Tapia, son of a former mayor of Piedras Negras who has two missing brothers, said that he was the financial operator of Los Zetas and that he gave four million dollars to Humberto Moreira administration officials to buy protection of the criminal organization.

He murdered a six-year-old girl by cutting her to pieces with an ax in front of her parents. And he said he saw others die in the same bloody way, the witness, who was not identified at the request of the judge and the lawyers for fear of reprisals against his family, he told the court, Millán laughed and told the father of the girl: “this way you will remember me”.

Marciano Millán Vázquez, accused of committing at least 10 crimes in Coahuila, was arrested last year in San Antonio, Texas. Yesterday, new witnesses went up to the Court to testify against the Zeta leader. During the trial, the witnesses who once worked with Millán have narrated that the accused participated in massacres throughout the state of Coahuila.

The trafficker, who moved marijuana in Ciudad Acuña after being forced to work for the cartel, narrated that most of the people he saw die were in the same bloody way: cut into pieces with an ax and the parts of the bodies burned in barrels.

The subject assured that in February 2013 he was kidnapped by the cartel, after having lost a load of marijuana that was confiscated by the border patrol, and forced to witness the bloody murders, committed in places in and around Piedras Negras, as in a junkyard, an abandoned ranch and near the edge of a river.

“So that I could tell my family that if I did not get the money (which I owed), that’s what would happen to me and to them,” said the witness.

The man cried after Deputy Attorney General Mike Galdo convinced him to answer about the deaths, the San Antonio Express News points out. The witness noted that in several cases, the victims were blindfolded and kneeling, said that there were men, women and children among them. He was also knelt down, and then the bandage was removed so he could see.

He said that in one of the houses there was “a girl, a woman and a man” held captive in the yard, the youngest was six years old, he said. There was a barrel with fire nearby, he added.

“‘Chano’ started. […] He raised the ax and cut off his knee and an arm … She was crying. She was screaming”.

The man continued: Millán laughed and said to the father: “‘So you will remember me.” “They dismembered her and burned her.”

Then the Prosecutor questioned him if the father could look away, the witness answered: “No. They grabbed him by the hair so he could see. ” Galo also asked who had seized the father. “Chano y Enano”, replied the witness, in reference to his nicknames to Milan and another Los Zetas regional leader.

The new witness also narrated two executions of minors and teenagers who sold newspapers at traffic lights in Piedras Negras, suspected of being spies of a rival cartel, the media continues.

In addition, he said he was taken to a riverbed near Piedras Negras, where they delivered three men suspected of being with Mexican soldiers and made them kneel. In the place, said the witness, were Millán, other commanders and the cartel’s main leaders, Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, the “Z-40” or “Cuarenta”, and his brother Omar Treviño Morales, “Z-42”.

And he testified that he heard Millán say: “we have to give them a floor”, “we have to kill them”, and then he heard shots.

The new witness stated that he trafficked marijuana for Milan in Ciudad Acuña after being threatened. He said that he and six other men were kidnapped and put at the service of the cartel.

“The first one said he did not want to. They said: ‘That’s good’. He turned around and was shot. After that, the rest of us agreed, “he said.

The witness was kidnapped after losing a shipment of marijuana that was confiscated. During their confinement they allowed him to be in contact with his family and acquaintances so that they could collect the money he owed. One of his relatives sold his house to get 20 thousand dollars, which were enough to free him, but Milan told him he had to give another 100 thousand.

After not being able to gather the 100 thousand for his release, he crossed to the United States with his father, and there he was arrested. The witness pleaded guilty to federal marijuana charges and is currently awaiting sentencing. (source)

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