beating white men detroit by black thugs

A violent beating of 2 young white men by 25-40 black thugs is now called a "mob of young people getting out of control?" Really?

The post 25-40 BLACK THUGS Violently Beat, Knock Out 2 Young White Men In Detroit…Post Video To Facebook…Media Calls Them “Mob of young people”…No Mention Of Race [VIDEO] appeared first on

Detroit’s WXYZ and CBS Local published the story below after 25-40 black thugs beat 2 white young men to an unconscious state in an area known as “Greektown” in Detroit. The only problem is, they neglected to mention that the criminals in the video who are doing the attacking are young black thugs and that the victims are both white. They also neglected to mention that the young men who were severely beaten and left unconscious on the street and sidewalks were white.

DETROIT (WXYZ) – New video of a violent Greektown street brawl Saturday night has prompted Detroit police to increase patrols this Easter weekend.

Cellphone video shows a mob of young people getting out of control and beating two men on the street. It happened Saturday night at Monroe and St. Antoine in Greektown.

Police said they are increasing patrols and reviewing surveillance video to locate any suspects responsible for starting the brawl. We’re told at least one person is hospitalized with serious injuries.

This video is the second time a brawl was caught on camera in Detroit in the last week.


Listen to the news reporter saying,”Here you can see a mob of young people getting out of control.” A “mob of young people” “getting out of control?” Really?

If you can identify any of the men in this video, you are asked to call Detroit police.

CBS Local also reported on the horrific act of violence. Their headline read: Violent Greektown Brawl Captured On Video

DETROIT (WWJ) – The caption says simply: “This happened in Downtown Detroit last night.”

And then starts a video that shows about 25-40 men punching, kicking and brutally beating people on the streets of Greektown, one of Detroit’s most popular hotspots. In the video, one man is lying with his head over the curb appearing unconscious and very badly injured. He gets punched and kicked as the cell-phone filming crowd of young men shouts and laughs.

Neither one of the Detroit sources of news on this attack accurately report the assailants or the victims. Why is that? If the victims were black and they were attacked by 25-40 white men in America, would the headline have ignored the racial aspect of the story?

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