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DIAMOND AND SILK Open Up LARGE Can Of WHOOP A$$ On Maxine Waters In PAINFULLY FUNNY Video: “When You Come For Donald Trump, We’re Coming For You!”

Hollywood actor James Woods tweeted about Trump’s #1 fans Diamond and Silk today. In his tweet Woods asks, “OMG. Why do these two gems of social media not have their own TV show? They are comedy genius !

If you don’t know who Diamond and Silk are, you’re missing one of the most entertaining and downright unexplainable elements of Donald Trump’s campaign for president.

Diamond and Silk are people—sisters from North Carolina, to be exact—and outspoken surrogates for Trump. Such a description obscures, however, what has made the pair a must-see act on the campaign trail. Indeed, more than anything, what distinguishes Diamond and Silk from your run-of-the-mill pro-Trump talking heads is not just that they’re black women (that is pretty remarkable itself), but their undeniable gifts for debate and punditry.


Lynnette Hardaway (Diamond) and Rochelle Richardson (Silk) didn’t seek out the limelight. The two say they launched their YouTube channel, The Viewers View, simply because they were tired of being talked at by media elites and wanted to talk back. The first video posted to “The Viewers View” was a Black Lives Matter tribute, but it didn’t take long before the sisters set their sights on Trump. Weeks after Trump announced he was entering the presidential race, Diamond uploaded her first pro-Trump video entitled, “Dump the rest of those Chumps and vote for Donald Trump in 2016.” Diamond was joined by Silk for their next video, a discussion of the investigation into Sandra Bland’s death in police custody. It was their second video together, however, that went viral and eventually led to Diamond and Silk joining Trump on the campaign trail. Complex

Diamond and Silk are not happy about hypocrite Maxine Waters attacks on President Trump and they’re not mincing any words in their admonition of her in their latest (and possibly funniest) video. The bonus with Diamond and Silk is that they are able to voice their opinions on black politicians like Maxine Waters without fear of being labeled “racists” for disagreeing with her policies and her disgusting, crude attacks on President Trump.


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