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Major Newspaper SLAMS Facebook and the NEW Anti-Fake News Algorithm 


The Chicago Tribune is suffering from the dreaded algorithm that is being used by Facebook. Google Search defines an Algorithm as:





  1. a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer.

    “a basic algorithm for division”

What this means is that a soulless computer is deciding what can or cannot be seen from the Chicago Tribune’s news. That is costing the news company and many others serious money and followers. Who wrote the program and how does it discriminate? It does discriminate.

As Written by ALLUM BOKHARI for Breitbart:

The deputy editor of the Chicago Tribune has accused Facebook of causing a decline in their web traffic,blaming the social network’s new algorithm, which is designed to surface “accurate” and “relevant” stories.

In a post on Medium, Tribune deputy editor Kurt Gessler revealed that the paper had seen a rapid decline in its median Facebook organic post reach after November, with the number of articles being read by fewer than 10,000 readers “skyrocketing,” according to Gessler’s analysis of the data.

(Via Kurt Gessler/

Facebook did change its algorithms around the same time the Tribune’s median traffic began to drop. In January, Facebook’s “trending news” feature was changed from its previous model, which tailored results to the personal preferences and interests of users, to one which surfaced news based on geographical region. According to reports, the change was introduced to favor so-called “real news” over “fake news.”

The Chicago Tribune, of course, is one of the most influential and respected mainstream papers in the U.S., and clearly considered itself a part of the mainstream media’s fight against “fake news,” which reached a height in the weeks and months immediately following Donald Trump’s election. “We are going to point out fake news when we see it,” The Tribune’s Facebook account posted in late December.

In January, Facebook also changed the algorithm of its users’ news feeds, again with a focus on finding “real news.” According to Facebook, the new algorithm would “incorporat[e] new signals to better identify and rank authentic content.”……..


Chicago Tribune Editor Says Facebook’s Anti-Fake News Algorithm is Killing Their Traffic – Breitbart

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