(CNMnewz.com) Everyone love a really good car crash and this past weekends  Hellendorn Rally car racing event in the Netherlands left no one disappointed.


The Hellendorn-hosted rally is not exactly a headliner racing event, however, the two-days of racing through the local city streets and across the countryside do provide ample opportunity for drivers of many different kinds of cars to compete.

Almost nobody knows who won any of the myriad races held at Hellendorn, but  thanks to the amateur video from racing fan Henri van de Goor, Harry Kleinjan – the driver of the now-totaled Porsche 911 seems to be going viral. Kleinjan was unhurt by the crash, but his car was destroyed.


It happened as Kleinjan approached a severe right-hand turn on the rally course. As he attempted to brake and slow down his car, the brakes apparently locked up, and steering did as well.


The speeding Porsche slammed into the wall at an estimated 60mph and was catapulted into the air, flipping over and landing on the roof in the canal that runs along part of the race course. Reportedly, Kleinjan and his co-driver were unhurt by the crash.

Watch the Youtube video below:




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