Can you imagine if the tables were turned? This is ridiculous!

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Protests by Muslims opposed to the executive order by President Trump are breaking out everywhere. Muslims and lefty bleeding hearts are coming out of the woodwork! The drama and spectacle has been over the top! The video below is just one of the many spectacles we’ve seen over the weekend:

 Muslims gathered inside the DFW airport and used the airport for a call to prayer and chanting in protest. Can you imagine if the tables were turned and Christians did this? The video below is evidence of the effort by these Muslims to show dominance. Texas is one of the top states that has gotten the most refugees from the Middle East. This needs to end!

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  1. Bing cos be 7 months ago

    Mmmm I’m thinking if Christians did this in any moose limb country we would be put in jail and then decapitated.


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