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How (Not) to Kill Everyone in North Korea

Since Guam, with Air Force, Coast Guard, and Navy bases and thousands of US troops, is considered a “strategic” outpost of the U.S., such an attack would immediately launch WWIII. The post How (Not) to Kill Everyone in North Korea appeared…

“Perestroika,” American style

President Trump commended the Secretary General's call for the United Nations to focus "more on people and less on bureaucracy." The President emphasized the need for greater accountability, equal distribution of military and financial…

Driving The Pope to Lie?

This is a critical relationship in understanding the atmosphere as it is a closed system in a gravity bottle more efficient than any container we have yet created. The post Driving The Pope to Lie? appeared first on iPatriot.

What Future Do We Want to Finance?

After learning about a Syrian living in Montabaur (a town and the district seat of the Westerwaldkreis in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany), who has 4 wives and 23 children, Hubert Königstein has scrupulously calculated, and then he wrote…

The ‘Madness’ of Trump

The wimps of the GOP say Kim must be treated with kid gloves as he threatens to incinerate Guam, Japan, South Korea, Hawaii, and all of America.  The post The ‘Madness’ of Trump appeared first on iPatriot.

The Hardest of Choices

America cannot tolerate an ever expanding and improving nuclear arsenal, under Kim Jong Un, an irrational and unstable dictator, who murdered his uncle in December 2013 and his half-brother in February of this year: and, while a bloody…