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TERROR ATTACK: AK47 Ambush In Heart Of City Of Paris…Developing


Two terrorists opened fire in the heart of the city of Paris using AK47’s in an ambush on police:

Here is what we know:

•Two police officers have been killed.

•The shooting happened in the area around the French capital’s Champs-Élysées
•Police said two attackers were involved – one of the gunman was “known to police”
•Eyewitnesses said one opened fire with a Kalashnikov gun
•Police warned the public to stay away from the area
•The Interior Ministry said it was too early to say what the motive was

•One of the terrorists was killed and another is on the run with reports of shots fired at a mall.


•French police raid home of gunman in east of Paris following killing of 2 police officers.

•French President Francois Hollande has scheduled an emergency meeting following shootings of officers, it has been announced.


Two officers killed in the Champs Elysees in the centre of Paris.

Paris has been known as a city of love and romance but is now known for its terror attacks – With an election coming up, we hope the French people will vote wisely! This has got to end! Terror is killing tourism and the economy of France.

President Trump tweeted out:

“What can you say…It just never ends”

This is a developing story…we will have more details as they come in to us.


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