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LGBT Groups Are Forming Armed ‘Defense Forces’, Taking Part In Weapons And Paramilitary Training To ‘Prepare For Conflict’


In response to ambiguous ‘threats’ and ‘division,’ an LGBT group has started a gun club created for the purpose of preparing for an armed defense force:

Division in America has become so evident in the past few years that many people including Rochester LGBTQ group can foresee what is coming: American Civil War 2.0.

The uptick in violence and protest and the fear of the Far Right in the US have forced LGBTQ members in Rochester, New York from their ‘safe spaces’ to the gun range. The newly formed ‘Trigger Warning Queer & Trans Gun Club’ has 18 members meeting once a month to shoot targets and clay pigeons.

The group’s creation was in response to an incident last winter when vandals burned two homes’ rainbow flags in the area.

Gun club member Jake Allen warns the LGBT community is now taking arms.

I want white supremacists and neo-Nazis to know that queer people are taking steps necessary to protect themselves.

According to NBC, “Trigger Warning members stress they are about empowerment and self-defense, not offense. Members say it also gives them a sense of community – even if it comes on a firing line in the middle of farm country”.

According to Scott Fearing, executive director of Rochester’s Out Alliance.

“What we know in any arms race is that it’s never good for anybody, and death and destruction and harm and hurt can come when so many people have arms and weapons.”

The video above demonstrates how the US is marching towards civil conflict. Back in August, we warned about The United Nations issuing a rare ‘early warning’ signal about conflict coming to America.

Snowballing events of violence and protests this year have put America’s fringe groups on edge. It’s hard to tell what the next trigger will be, but it’s obvious both sides of the aisle are preparing for conflict.

The American civil war 2.0 is looming. Unbeknownst to many, fringe groups on either side of the aisle are in an arms race, as the legacy media continues to divide Americans. The LGBTQ ‘Gun Group’ in Rochester is the latest example of both sides stockpiling weapons and ammunition waiting for the day they will be called to arms to protect their brothers/sisters. You’ve been warned, the trend is irreversible unless a severe event can unite this fragmented country, such as a foreign war. For the time being, the Fourth Turning is alive and well…… (source)

Homosexual groups taking up any kinds of weapon to assert their stances in support of the LGBT in society is as unnecessary as it is bound to lead to a disaster.

The LGBT in American society today has been fully accepted by the majority of the people, and this goes for the majority of nations in Western Europe. This is no mere conjecture or assumption, but a simple fact that is what it is. Far from the cries of “Stonewall” and “homophobia” (and which the history of that is a story unto itself), the LGBT has been accepted by the majority of society and in particular, the millenials and “Generation Z.” States are continuing to pass laws in favor of the LGBT, and if a person dares to criticize the LGBT in any way in any public forum they are attacked in all aspects, from the physical safety of their persons at the given time to their ability to find or maintain employment, to even being able to have cordial relationships with family and friends. Politicians, businesses, and government agents of all political persuasions openly pledge their support of the LGBT. Even in the Churches, there is a tremendous divide between those who maintain Biblical truth about homosexuality versus the minority, mostly found in certain sub-groups of Catholics or “conservative” Protestants, but even here one can see tremendous division.

For all purposes, the LGBT has won this aspect of the culture war. It is a settled matter.

So if the LGBT has won the culture war and will continue to be in power for some time, why do they need to start armed “defense groups”? Indeed, the greater society is their biggest ally, for even the mere complaint of anything against the LGBT can lead to a serious investigation and consequences from local police, state police, federal police, human resources, neighbors, colleagues, friends, or family members. They enforce the will of the LGBT better than the LGBT can because they actually have imbibed and believe the LGBT’s positions, defending them as though they were an “American value” in the same way that Americans before attacked people they suspected were communists, people who looked like they may be Japanese, or who they though looked like Muslims after 9/11.

There can only be one reason these groups are emerging. The answer is found not in the liberals, but in their conservative equivalent of Jack Donovan, a homosexual who is a major face in the “masculinity movement” and who runs a “training camp” called Ulfheim in the hills outside of Lynchburg, VA where he and his homosexual comrades participate in paramilitary exercises and worship demons openly in their work at recreating pagan rituals:

Don’t forget about his books too:

The answer is that these groups are pushing not to defend themselves, but to attempt to position themselves so that when a politically advantageous situation arises, they can kill people. These people, just like the eugenicists, the nationalists, the “ANTIFA”, and so many of these groups who are emerging as new voices of public discourse will say without saying, they want to break down the current order and create a new order with themselves at the center of it, and they do not care who they harm or what they have to do because this is a struggle for absolute power with respect to none.

A point we have emphasized many times is the disordered nature of the LGBT. This is clear in both Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition that homosexuality is a grave sin with grave consequences. Since homosexuality is an extreme form of license given to vice and it is acted upon by choice, there is little that the majority of the LGBT would not do because they do not believe for the most part in moral absolutes save those which they choose to follow by their own wills. It is the reason why there is so much discussion today, particularly on the political “right,” of ancient Sparta, which was a homosexual society where homosexuality was enforced by law and as such, the pursuit of power by all means was accepted, thus making them some of the fiercest warriors of the ancient world. This is reflected today in the fact that, as we have pointed out, there is a disproportionately high number of LGBT who are involved in heinous crimes.

There is nothing new in terms of what man does, but what changes are his tools and the ability to replicate his decisions to their further ends at a faster rate over a larger number of people in a more consistent manner.

As the darkness of the LGBT continues to thicken, Christians must be ready to continue to speak out boldly and be ready to stand for Biblical truth regardless of what anybody says or happens. Never forget that Christians were once martyred for opposing such evils, and certainly the same could happen again…

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