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Weak 8: Scenes of Protest From the NFL’s Early Games


While there’s no doubt that NFL protests have tapered off in recent weeks. There remain several players and several teams, that are apparently determined to continue.

If a team “Most Likely to Protest,” were to be named in the NFL Yearbook for 2017, the 49ers and the Seahawks would certainly be numbers one and two on that list. The Seahawks don’t play until later in the afternoon. However, the 49ers lived up to their reputation as they prepared to take on the Eagles:

Not to be left out, the Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins protested as well:

The Colts have not accomplished much of anything on the football field this year. Though they appear to have this interlocked arms thing down:

While these protests are radically scaled down from say, a month ago, after President Trump lashed out at protesting players at a rally in Alabama. It should be noted that the number of protests in the afternoon game between the Seahawks and Texans, should dwarf the number of protests from the early games. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, 65-70 percent of the Texans team plans to take a knee to protest team Owner Bob McNair, who used the expression “inmates running the prison,” during an NFL meeting in New York earlier this month.

The Seahawks also have several protesters on their squad, last week the entire defensive line sat for the anthem.

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