Jesus Christ is King

Make No Mistake About It, The Man Who Slaughtered 26 Christians In A Baptist Church In Texas Was An Atheist Who Hated Christ And The Christian Faith


Thanks for saying some good words about other Christians, One of the only pastors I listen to on you tube is a Baptist man, he says pretty much all of what you guys say here and a few other things he might go too far in a weird area for me. I figure today if someone is like 60% – 70% making sense they are worth listening to. All anyone does anymore no-matter what happens is go on about “race and political parties”. A lot of things / what we see and experience has to do with where we live, the kind of people around you etc. The american blacks around me are addicted to race and hating whites and do not believe in Jesus the ones from Africa are kind and fun to talk to. The Mexicans around me I feel are more sisterly towards me than my own race is.. so nothing is about color it’s 100% ideology, and I am not in the mood to explain things to haters, I just keep my thoughts to myself anymore, if I dared to stand up for myself like on the Job on a hater I’d get fired and that is my reality where I live. I’m still undecided about what faith to take up since I go by what I actually see people doing and saying, and when there is too much bashing and negativity without some love? Then I will question if it’s really good or false and for now I am undecided.

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