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Naked Man Breaks Into Woman’s Home, Puts Her Clothes On, Runs Through Her House And Then Starts Rolling Around In The Yard


A man was arrested after breaking into a woman’s home while nude, putting her clothes on, running around the house and then rolling in the yard according to a recent report:

Authorities say a naked Florida man burst into a woman’s home, ran around inside and then tried on some of her clothes before he was arrested.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal reports that 40-year-old Joseph Vaglica is charged with burglary with assault and is jailed on $25,000 bail. It was not immediately clear if he has a lawyer.

Police say Vaglica entered the woman’s home through the garage door and then ran through the kitchen acting irrationally. The woman ran to her stepson’s house next door and called 911.

Investigators say Vaglica went into a bedroom and tried on the woman’s clothes and then ran back outside toward the stepson’s house. He was rolling in the yard with police arrived.

Court records show Vaglica has numerous previous arrests. (source)

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