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Metal Music Is Satanic And Pagan And Is Leading People To The Antichrist


This is a nonsensical sweeping generalization. Mainstream (if it can be called such) black metal is generally satanic. The image you chose looks like its from a Gorgoroth performance, which is one of the worst. One of their vocalists, Infernus, is a theistic Satanist who formed the band to ‘express’ his satanic views. All other forms are like any other music. Content varies. Power metal doesn’t even utilize growled vocals. They use clean vocals.

Just because you think it’s “garbage” doesn’t mean it’s satanic. Not even all black metal is about Satanism or Paganism. Summoning, for instance, has Lord of the Rings themed lyrics. Don’t take the worst of a group and paint them all with that image. Would you agree with an atheist using a p*dophile ‘Catholic Priest’ as a representative as the whole Church? Of course not. And you can’t do that with metal, or any other genre of music…not even…rap…I gritted my teeth as I typed that last word, but it’s true. Also, there is such a thing as “unblack metal”. Check it out:

I would implore you to look at this comment as constructive criticism, not purely negative. You had some good information in your video, and I’m actually glad you are covering Gorgoroth and others like them. They don’t take enough heat for their evils.

God bless. 🙂

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