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Christian Police Officer Reports Corruption, Drug Dealers Declare: ‘We Will Put This Guy On A Hit List And Kill Him.’


By Walid Shoebat

A Christian police officer in Trinidad found out after reporting corruption, that drug dealers put his name on a hit list to kill him. Christian persecution is not just being done by Muslims, but by drug dealers and narcos as well. Journalist John L. Allen, Jr. wrote a story about interviewing a Catholic priest, Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon, on the struggles that Christians in Trinidad go through in trying to combat drug violence in their country. Allen writes:

He [Charles Jason Gordon] told that while he was waiting for me to get into the car, he’d taken a call from a young Catholic cop he knows, somebody with solid moral values, who witnessed a situation of corruption and reported it. The young cop had just been informed that a wiretap the previous evening had caught drug runners saying they’d put his name on a hit list among three fellow police officers they pay off to do their dirty work, so he’s now marked for death.

Perhaps those officers will be arrested and indicted, and the young cop will be safe, or perhaps not. The point is, according to my priest friend, in his society, if you want to stand up against corruption, you need to understand you’re putting your life at risk.

That, in effect, is the task the 58-year-old Gordon wants the Church he leads to take on – forming people, perhaps drawing on his charismatic background, with the moral and spiritual foundations to run those risks.

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