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Six Muslim Men Take Ten Year Old Girl, They Each Take Turns Raping Her, And Then They Saw Her Head Off


By Walid Shoebat

Six Muslim men in Afghanistan took a ten year old girl, gang raped her and then decapitated her. As we read in one Afghan report on this horrific story:

Reports from Herat and Helmand provinces state that two young girls were mercilessly killed in these provinces.

Local officials in Helmand province stated that six men gang raped a 10-year-old girl and then beheaded her. Omar Zwak, the governor’s spokesperson, said that two men were caught by the locals and they were trying to capture the rest.

Meanwhile, according to reports from Herat province, a one and a half year old girl was killed by her father for refusing to go to him. Herat police said the incident occurred at ten in the morning on Sunday (Sep. 10) in the fourth district of the province. It is said that the perpetrator has fled now.

Violence against women and girls has increased in the past few months in Afghanistan which is worrisome for women’s rights organizations in the country.

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