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Stop Using Charles Martel To Justify Your Right Wing Agenda. Yes Charles Martel Fought The Muslims, But He Spent Most Of His Military Career Fighting The Germans


By Theodore Shoebat

Stop using Charles Martel to justify right wing agendas like Identitarianism. I am seeing so much of this stupidity with people making Charles Martel out to be some European nationalists, and they are so fixated on this identitarianism that they will even go so far as to compare Martel with some sodomite like Leonidas. The fact is, Martel spent most of his military career fighting Germanic peoples, many of whom were very aggressive and some of them were also very anti-Catholic. If we are going to use Martel as a prophetic image, in that his fight against the Muslims presage a coming Ottoman Empire, then we also must include Germany as a future enemy. This is the subject of my video:

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