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Major Slaughter Just Happened: Muslim Terrorists Massacre Fifty People


By Walid Shoebat

A horrific massacre took place in Nigeria, Muslim terrorists butchered fifty people in a bomb attack. The plague of Islam has led to so many countless lives, it is unreal how people can’t see how Islam can destroy a society. Here is the report:

Police in northeastern Nigeria say at least 50 people are dead after a suicide bombing at a mosque.

The teenage bomber detonated early Tuesday in Adamawa state as people were arriving for morning prayers.

Police spokesman Othman Abubakar tells The Associated Press that the young man detonated his explosives while mingling among the worshippers.

While there was no immediate claim of responsibility, suspicion immediately fell on Boko Haram.

The Islamic extremist group is based in neighboring Borno state and has been blamed for scores of similar attacks, including one last week in Borno state which left at least 14 people dead.

In last week’s attack, four suicide bombers blew themselves up in the Borno state capital of Maiduguri, killing 14 and wounding another 29 in one of the largest such attacks in the city in years.

Police spokesman Victor Isukwu said the two male and two female bombers targeted crowded parts of the Muna Gari suburb. The first explosion went off at a prayer ground, he said.

Police said the four bombers also were killed. The 29 injured were rushed to local hospitals for treatment.

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