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Brooks on GOP Tax Bill: It’s ‘Hard’ ‘to Be That Incompetent’


On Friday’s broadcast of “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks slammed the Republican tax bill by saying it’s hard to be as incompetent as the writers of the bill.

Brooks stated, “Now, to me, the big story was the University of Chicago Business School came out with a study of, I think it was 48 economists, and it’s very bipartisan. And tax reform, in principle, is super popular among economists. But they have designed a bill so these economists do not think it would help growth, with one exception, and they think it would explode the deficit. So, you take a very popular concept, and you write it — the bill, in such a way that it becomes extremely unpopular among people who know most about it on both parties. That’s a trick. That’s hard to do, to be that incompetent.”

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