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Homosexual Nazi Drug Gang Kidnaps British Man And Tortures Him For Hours In Sex Dungeon In England


Footage is being shown for the first time of a bizarre sex dungeon where a group of pro-Nazi drug dealers kidnapped a man who owed them money and tortured him for hours, including sexually abusing him according to a recent report:

This disturbing footage shows the inside of the sinister sex dungeon where a drugs gang tortured and threatened to rape a man they had chained up.

Video footage shows how the seedy bunker was filled with bondage gear including a cage under the bed, shackle chairs, manacles, chains, paddles and restraints hanging from the ceiling.

A Nazi uniform with the insignia of the SS was also seen hanging off a hook on the back of a door.

The drugs gang were jailed last year for 28 years.

Det Insp Michael Cooper, the police inspector who led the investigation, this week received a commendation for his work.

At the awards ceremony, held at the Plymouth Guildhall, guests were told how Det Insp Cooper led a small team to identify, locate and arrest the offenders and safeguard the victim.

Victim Gary Jones, 27, was manacled, stripped from the waist down, hit across the buttocks and threatened with rape.

He had been driven to the room on an industrial estate in Cornwall after being jumped by four men – Luke Coley, Barry Wright, Mark Reeves and Mark Bird – at his home in Mutley, Devon.

They were joined by a fifth man – former solider James Hamilton-Bing, who rented the unit which contained the sordid sex chamber.

Mr Jones was tortured as the gang demanded £2,500 he was said to owe one of them for cannabis.

Plymouth Crown Court heard how Mr Jones was ambushed at home and beaten with metal tubes from a vacuum cleaner.

A balaclava with taped-up eye holes was put on his head and he was bundled into a stolen car bearing false plates and driven to the chamber in Roche, Cornwall.

There, and still masked, he was manacled with his hands above his head.

Geoff Coombe said: ‘His trousers and underwear was pulled down and he was slapped a number of times across his bottom.

‘He heard a voice whisper in his ear, saying that he was going to rape him and that he liked young boys.

‘He was punched a further five or six times to the torso, until he felt that he could not breathe.’

After a two-hour ordeal Mr Jones was finally dumped on the outskirts of St Austell and caught a train home. All the defendants were arrested the next day and later pleaded guilty to kidnapping.

Sentencing them in September last year, Judge Paul Darlow said: ‘The victim was attached to the ceiling and subjected to sexual humiliation. His trousers and underwear were taken down and he was threatened with rape.’

Coley, 28, of St Austell, was jailed for six years and five months.

Reeves 25, of Birmingham, was jailed for five years and seven months.

Bird, 28, of St Austell, was jailed for five years and seven months.

Hamilton-Bing, 28, of St Austell, was jailed for four years and 11 months.

Wright, also of Birmingham, was jailed five years and seven months.

The 27-year-old was also sentenced for a robbery in Birmingham and a burglary in St Blazey, where he was part of a gang which plundered motorcycles and equipment worth £22,000.

He was jailed for a consecutive sentence of eight years for the robbery, where he used a hammer as part of a gang who threatened a man in his own home. Six months was added for the burglary.

Police said after the case that the fetish dungeon was properly registered and licensed. (source)

It might come as a surprise to some, but as we have emphasized, National Socialism and homosexuality go hand-in-hand. many National Socialists were homosexuals, and in spite of all of their public support of “traditional values” and the family, homosexuality was an equally important part of the National Socialist vision:

While being in support for homosexuality, Welsch said that the German people must “not lose sight of the traditional family.” What is happening today is really a return to the homosexuality of the Nazis, in which perversity is indulged in, while “family values” are touted and boasted of. As historian Gerhard Rempel wrote:

“Homosexuality, meanwhile, continued on into the war years when Hitler Jugend boys frequently  became victims of molestations at the hands of their SS tutors; Himmler consistently took a hard line against it publicly but was quite willing to mitigate his penalties privately and keep every incident as secret as possible.” (Rempel: 51f) 

In the immediate years after WW1 and the socialist revolution in 1918, thousands of veteran soldiers of the German army joined quasi-military units called Freikorps(Free Corps). It was this group that would eventually help give birth to national socialism in Germany. A great many of their leaders were, unsurprisingly, homosexual, as historian G.S. Graber writes:

“Many… [Freikorps] leaders were homosexual; indeed homosexuality appears to have been widespread in several volunteer units. Gerhard Rossbach… was an open homosexual. On his staff was Lieutenant Edmund Heines who was late to become the lover of Ernst Roehm” (Graber:33). (source)

In our modern times, we can see the same connections manifesting again where, as we have long since pointed out, that the “counter-jihad” movement supports the homosexual agenda, and equates fighting Islam with acceptance of the homosexual ideologies, such as with the counter-Jihad movement’s support of the homosexual Bruce Bawer or his connections to the homosexual supporting Nazi Sigurfreyr Jonasson, or with Pamela Geller’s support of Milo Yiannopoulos, or with Stephen Bannon and his support of the LGBT. Everything orients to a support of the LGBT agenda.

What we have noticed is a pattern from old repeating, and that is the union between ultranationalism, homosexuality, paganism, and anti-Christianity. The four are joined together in an unholy union as much today as in the past because while times change, the fundamental philosophical views do not because they are based on principle.

One cannot oppose one facet without opposing another. If one stands against the National socialists, one must be against paganism, the LGBT, and anti-Christianity. This is the great deception being placed on many people in the so-called “traditionalist” movements today, for many individuals think they can be Christians while supporting even part of the LGBT agenda, having sympathies of ultranationalism, or being lenient towards paganism.

The Gospel makes clear there is no communion between light and dark. While men are sinful and certainly striving for perfection, the end is ultimately perfection, which is to cast out all evils and bind oneself perfectly to the will of Christ. As such, if one does not in time wholly reject the LGBT, paganism, and ultranationalism, one will eventually reject Christ without even attempting to.

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