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Carjacker returns stolen vehicle with baby on board, mother faces criminal charges


A car thief reportedly stole – and almost immediately returned – a Cadillac in Leningrad Region, Russia, when he realized that targeting vehicle made him a kidnapper. The reason for this was that a three-month-old baby was inside the car.

While the thief seems to have disappeared, it is the baby’s mother who is now the subject of a criminal case, local police reported this weekend. The woman left the baby unattended in her Cadillac Escalade while she went shopping.

On Friday, the 34-year-old mother called the police, saying her car has disappeared from a store parking lot in the village of Poroshkino near St. Petersburg. Her child was inside the vehicle, the woman said. However, when officers arrived at the scene, they found not only the car but also the baby and the woman there, with the latter claiming her Escalade had been returned some 15 minutes after she called the police.

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The thief allegedly parked her Cadillac near the shop, then got into a Land Rover Discovery and drove off. The baby remained unharmed, while the mother faces criminal charges for “leaving a child in danger.” She is now under pre-trial restrictions.

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