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The Court Has Spoken: The Man Who Was Accused Of Murdering Kate Steinle Is Found Innocent


Stefan Molynuex is a cult-leader that’s established himself as a ‘guru’ of sorts. Evolution theory is his religion and every philosophical premise he adheres to is rooted in his religious belief in evolution theory (modern mans central theory of and for racism and eugenics).

Democracy, left or right, runs on populism. Presidents get voted in. The winner is the most ‘popular’ candidate.

That’s why President Woodrow Wilson heavily invested in social engineering the American public through the arts and media to ‘convert’ them into a ‘pro-war’ position for WWI after he was elected. Why was it necessary to do this? He ran as the anti-war candidate and needed the American people to believe “they” chose to enter WWI rather than Woodrow:

I still assert that you are missing the nuance when analysing nationalism and ethnic identity. You see how nationalism is being used as an instrument for evil. What you’re missing is that in and of itself nationalism and ethnic identity (tribe) is natural, good and healthy.

Like any beauty it can be perverted through social engineering and an ill informed public. To say “You must support mass immigration and immigration for every single nation on earth (even those who hate you) or you are a racist Nazi” is to have fallen into the enemies game and trap i.e. polarisation. The truth here is nuanced.

Nuance is necessary when analysing nations and ethnic identities. In the same way as nuance is necessary when analysing gender and gender differences. The Spanish empire was was ruled by a Spanish queen. Joan of Arc was the most important military leader in France. These were exceptions. They aren’t norms.

I wrote a respectful critique regarding this under another recent article only to have it ‘vanish’ soon thereafter. Hint. Hint.

That’s the standard here in my experience.

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