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Major Islamic Terrorists Create Photo Of Trump And Netanyahu About To Be Executed In Front Of Jerusalem, And Declare To All Christians And Jews: “Jews And Worshipers Of The Cross, We Swear To Cut Your Necks And Shed Your Blood In Front Of The Temple Mount In Jerusalem!”


By Theodore Shoebat

Major Islamic terrorists, all members of ISIS, have created an image of President Trump and Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, about to be executed. The message has the words:

“We swear to break your necks and shed your blood in Al-Aqsa Front Yard [the Temple Mount] and everywhere else, this is the promise of Allah and we will make it come true.”

As we read in one report:

The Islamic terrorist organization ISIS shows a photographic montage in which both leaders are kneeling before their executor.

The jihadist terrorist group ISIS has once again threatened the president of the United States, Donald Trump .

The terrorist organization has broadcast a photo montage showing a hooded man in the role of executioner about to execute two prisoners: these are Donald Trump and the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu .

“Jews and worshipers of the cross, we swear to break their necks and shed their blood,” reads the message that accompanies the image.

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