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Drug Cartels Execute And Dismember Nine People Just Hours From The US-Mexican Border


Islamic terrorism is a major threat. However, so is the threat coming from the drug cartels. The cartels are so brutal, so violent that Mexico was named the second most dangerous nation in the world based on murders, coming in over both Iraq and Afghanistan and only surpassed by Syria owing to the civil war in that nation. Daily in Mexico there are executions, beheadings, and murders of a horrific nature yet are expected as commonplace, such as a recent case where nine people were executed and dismembered just hours from the US Border:

Nine dismembered bodies were found last night inside an abandoned van about kilometer 7.5 of the Victoria-Soto la Marina highway, at the Santa Clara ejido in the capital of Tamaulipas.

The Attorney General’s Office and the Secretary of Public Security state, indicated that the events occurred this Sunday at 22:00 hours.

“They received a report on the location of nine lifeless bodies inside an abandoned truck at kilometer 7.5 of the Victoria-Soto la Marina highway, at the height of the Santa Clara ejido in the municipality of Victoria,” they said.

Personnel of the Attorney General went to the place and found a GMC truck type Yukon, gray color and license plates 94 HFN 6 of the State of Texas.

“The remains of nine unidentified men were found inside the vehicle, most of them dismembered, and the bodies were sent to the Forensic Medical Service for the practice of necropsies by law,” the sources said. (source)

Islamic terrorism is real and evil, but so is that of the drug cartels. And unlike Iraq or Syria, which are many thousands of miles away, these cartels are not even in other countries, but operate in all major American cities.

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