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Homosexual Man In Maryland Captures 12 Year Old Boy And Sodomizes Him. And You Want Homosexuals In Your Society?


A homosexual in Maryland captured and raped a 12 year old. You want sodomites in your society? This is the evil you are going to get. If you want sodomites, then accept your society to become Sodom. According to a report from NBC Washington:

A Maryland man is accused of soliciting a 12-year-old boy online and raping him.

The victim told police he met Ramon Manuel De Los Reyes, 63, online, who convinced him to sneak out of his grandmother’s home in Frederick, Maryland, on Dec. 10 after she fell asleep. The boy said De Los Reyes picked him up and took him to the suspect’s home at Leisure World retirement complex in Silver Spring, Maryland, where he allegedly raped him.

He allegedly drove the boy back to the boy’s home in Frederick later that night. The grandmother reported the assault the following day, and De Los Reyes was arrested three days later.

Police were able to locate De Los Reyes from his online profile. A warrant was served on his house and car.

This is not the first time De Los Reyes was charged with sexually assaulting a child. He is a registered sex offender who pleaded guilty 17 years ago for sexually assaulting a minor. According to court records, he knew the first victim, and the assault happened more than once.

Police said despite what the Frederick boy has been through, he has helped them find the man who allegedly raped him.

“He has been very strong throughout this. He has provided us with a lot of really good information that helped us identify, track down and ultimately arrest our suspect,” said Lt. Clark Pennington, with the Frederick Police Department.

De Los Reyes faces three charges in Frederick County of sexual solicitation of a minor, a third-degree sex offense and second-degree rape.

Police said there may be other victims. Anyone with additional information or parents who believe their children may have been in contact with De Los Reyes are asked to call their local police department.

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