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Teenager In Australia Rapes And Robs 83-Year Old Grandmother


A teenager in Australia raped and robbed an 83 year old grandmother. As we read in one report from

The attack was so viscous it left the woman severely injured and suffering trauma.

The 15-year-old, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty to sexual assault, robbery, and the bashing of the woman after breaking into her home at 5am on a Friday morning in Waikiki, an outer southern suburb of Perth.

He is alleged to have lived in the area and it’s believed the woman was asleep when he broke in on October 13 and pinned her to the floor.

Police released CCTV footage showing a hooded figure exiting the victim’s home.

Details in court and reported by WA Today reveal the brutality of the attack, in which the boy “sexually penetrated her three times during the home invasion”.

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