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The Government Of Bermuda Cancels Gay Marriage, Now Enraged Homosexual Lobbyists Are Trying To Force Bermuda To Pass Homosexual Marriage


The sodomites are at it again, trying to force people to accept “gay marriage” which is nothing but a diabolical conspiracy to make war against Christianity. Bermuda has cancelled sodomite marriage, but now the citizens of Sodom are tying to force Bermuda into passing “gay marriage.” As we read in one report from Life Site News:

Britain’s Conservative government is reportedly under pressure to veto Bermuda’s law nixing homosexual “marriage” just six months after the island’s Supreme Court declared it legal.

Both Bermuda’s legislative assembly and Senate have approved the Domestic Partnership Act, which replaces “marriage” between two persons of the same sex with “domestic partnership.”

In doing so, Bermuda has become the first country to reverse the legalization of homosexual “marriage.”

But the governor of the British territory, Bermuda’s de facto head of state and the representative of the British monarchy, must sign off on the bill before it becomes law.

And the LGBTQ lobby and allies are pushing governor John Rankin to withhold his consent on this legislation.

Winston Godwin, the homosexual Bermudian who, with Greg DeRoche, argued successfully in court in May that the island’s former ban of homosexual “marriage” violated the U.K. Human Rights Code, released a statement to that effect.

“In such a position we should always do what is right, not necessarily what’s easy,” Godwin said.

“This bill effectively states that you are a second-class citizen because of who you love, and creates increased division within an already very divided country and within a minority all at once.”

And the U.K.’s Mail on Sunday reported that Rankin has consulted British foreign secretary Boris Johnson on the matter, because he needs Johnson’s approval to veto the bill.

Johnson himself is under pressure from MPs to instruct Rankin to veto the bill, according to the Mail.

Labour MP Chris Bryant declared in Parliament Saturday that “Bermuda seems to want to have it both ways. It wants the protection of being a British overseas territory but it doesn’t want to uphold British values and principles,” it reported.

“A British citizen, regardless of what part of Britain they’re from, should have the same rights,” Bryant said.

England and Wales passed legislation recognizing homosexual “marriage” in 2013. Scotland followed suit in February 2014.

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