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Homosexual Tries To Drug And Rape A 10-Year Old Boy, When The Boy Fights Back The Homosexual Murders Him, Then Chops Up His Body Into Little Pieces And Scatters Them Around The City


Ten year old Ruslan Korolev was at a nearby train station when a man approached him and offered to buy him sweets and take him back to his apartment to eat them. This man was Alexander Georgievsky, a homosexual who upon getting back to his apartment attempted to rape the boy. When the boy refused, he flew into a rage and strangled the child to death, chopped up his body, and scattered his remains around the city:

A paedophile who lured a 10-year-old boy to his flat and then strangled him to death before dismembering his body and scattering the remains around town is facing life in jail.

Alexander Georgievskiy had been drinking in a railway station cafe when he saw victim Ruslan Korolev walking towards the platform in the town of Ortadnoe, 25 miles east of St Petersburg in Russia.

According to reports, the 10-year-old enjoyed ‘train hopping’ and was waiting to climb on top of the next train and take a ride on the roof.

Georgievskiy followed the boy to the platform where they started chatting.

He then invited the boy back to his apartment for sweets.

CCTV footage shows the two walking to a local shop where the man is seen buying cakes and vodka.

He is then seen leading the boy back to his apartment, where he began drinking the alcohol and attempted to rape the child.

When the terrified 10-year-old refused, Georgievskiy flew into a rage.

Police spokeswoman Anastasia Gluschenko told local media: ‘After that [Georgievskiy] strangled and dismembered the boy.

‘Then he hid the boy’s body parts in different places around the local area and in St Petersburg.’

Initially the police, who were informed of the boy’s disappearance by his worried family at the end of October, treated it as a missing person’s case.

But then they began finding body parts scattered around the town and switched the investigation to a murder case.

Then two weeks ago Georgievskiy was identified in the CCTV footage.

He was arrested on December 21 and later charged with the boy’s murder after confessing and revealing where he had hidden the rest of the remains.

A police spokesman said he was also being quizzed over the disappearance of a six-year-old boy who went missing six years ago.

He now faces life in jail. (source)

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