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Will War Ever Happen Again In Europe?


The CIA / MIC / Mossad are mercenaries for Luciferian Freemasonry power brokers.

They want war with Russia in Europe to overcome Putin’s dam against greater Israel:

“They know that the dream of a Greater Israel cannot be realized with Russia dominating the skies and waters of the Levant. This is the current and silent inescapable reality. This is the wall that suddenly sprung up and instantly separated Zionists from their beloved Greater Israel dream. Because of a ‘wall’, the dream is now impossible… And we also observe that when Zionists are not willing or able to go to war, they usually endeavor to send other capable and willing nations to war on their behalf…Would Israel prefer that America directly and militarily confront Russia in the Levant? (or Europe via NATO) …The global Zionist congress pathology shows every indication of this. ‘The tribe above all’ is their core belief. They are Masadian-ISISians in suits with basements full of nukes. Their narcissistic intentions are always clear – their motives and maneuvers are never to be trusted.”

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