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Hindu Terrorists Send Messages Mocking Jesus And Christmas, Promise ‘We Are Preparing And Waiting For The Day In A Few Years When We Can Throw You Christians Into The Ovens’


Islam has always been a serious threat. However, the reality is that paganism has been historically the greatest agitator of anti-Christian violence. In India today the levels of violence against Christians committed by Hindu terrorists, known as “saffron terrorists” is reaching levels of genocidal proportions. The stories of violence are almost unbelievable with cases of Hindu nationalists attacking Christians while they are at church, having Christians banned by law from preaching, having Christians arrested under blasphemy laws for ‘insulting Hinduism‘ or in some cases cutting their tongues outdestroying Christian schools, calling for the mandatory sterilization of all Christians and more to such an extent that a Christian is attacked every 40 hours.  These Hindu nationalists have openly admitted that their goal is to drive all Christians out of India and for those who remain to make them worship cows and other Hindu deities, and to murder those who refuse. Christian bishops have been repeatedly warning about this, and even former President Obama has come out and alluded to this issue.

The Hindu nationalists have admitted they are waiting for a major conflict to distract the attention of the Western world so they can indulge plans already set up and waiting to be enacted that will round up and execute Christians in death camps the same way that so many Slavic people, gypsies, and Jews were put to death during the Second World War and the rest will be hunted down or forced to flee.

Unfortunately, there are many people who mistakenly believe that Hindus and Christians need to form an “alliance” in order to fight the Muslims. This has been promoted deceptively by the “counter jihad” movement, who will openly quote from Hindu nationalist websites and say they are proud allies of the Hindus against “the Muslims.”

As one can see, the “counter-jihad movement loves  the “Hindu existence” movement as much as the “Hindu existence” movement loves them. Major “counter jihad” blogs have worked for years with Hindus such as Babu Suseelan, who openly advocates for the mass murder of Christians.

While a Christian-Hindu alliance might sound like a nice idea, it is absolutely fanciful and ignores reality. Serious Hindus hate Christians because Hinduism is an evil pagan religion that is no different in essence than the other forms of dehumanizing paganism that Christians have faced off against and overcome with the light of the Gospel. This paganism I speak of is no different than the cannibalism, human-sacrificing, blood drinking, absolute savagery that was rooted out from the Romans, Greeks, Armenians, Ethiopians, Gauls, Teutons, Vikings, Slavs, Aztecs, and all of the other people around the world who have been brought to salvation in Christ.

One of the largest and most often quoted anti-Islam and Hindu nationalist sources online is the Times of Hindutva, with Hindutva referring to the Hindutva Bharat, or the “perfect Hindu state” that will come about once all Christians and Muslims are mass murdered and all people in India unified under one Hindu system that is in essence no different than what the German and Japanese nationalists wanted during the Second World War and the reason for the millions of deaths of people that ensued.

In celebration for Christmas, the Times of Hindutva has put out a series of videos in which they are directly mocking Christ and Christians at the season of Christmas on purpose, and with commentors talking about how they are looking forward to a Hindu revolution in which they can murder Christians with impunity:

This video here is a burlesque striptease where a woman starts out dressed as a nun with a rosary. She then rips her clothes off, and starts pretending to masturbate with a crucifix before throwing it on the ground and ripping up a Bible. Now imagine if this was the same, but with a statue of Shiva- the words from the Hindu nationalists would be endless.

Other images with anti-Christian quotes

Note in the comments here a reference to “Fadnavis”. This was a story about a Hindu politician in India who recently caused a controversy with Hindu nationalists because his wife attended a Christmas-themed charity fundraiser, and to which they likewise responded that they will not vote for the BJP anymore because it is not “Hindu” enough:

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis’ wife Amruta Fadnavis was heavily trolled on Tuesday after she tweeted picture from a “Christmas-themed” charity event. With many slamming her for supporting a “Christian event even after being a Hindu”, some tweets even accused her of “spreading Chrtistianity.”

“launched-Be Santa-campaign, as Ambassador for @927BIGFM – to collect gifts from people -for poor children ,to bring smiles to their faces during this Christmas.Drop ur gifts at nearest @927BIGFM & Feel the joy -as best way to multiply your happiness is by sharing it with others

Within moments, twitterati started criticising her and her husband for supporting such an event. Some even said that they will not vote for “anti-national” BJP next time.

The ‘Be-Santa’ event organised by BIG FM in Mumbai aims at collecting charitable gifts for underprivileged children. Fadnavis was there to launch the event.

Unwavered at her stand, she later tweeted saying that: “Love, sharing and empathy have no religion.” (source)

This is a great comment. The Hindutva Times jumped in on this one saying they want to promote the “anti-christ” for next Christmas. In addition, it also has these same nationalist calling for Christians to be “thrown into the ovens come 2024,” which aligns as we have reported as part of a plan within 10 years to establish the Hindutva Rashtra. They also likened becoming a Christian to getting AIDS, in that it is “incurable” except with death.

In addition to the photo, in this comment Hindu Nationalists talk about crucifying the “Christian” in this photo for fun on Christmas Day. Notice that the Times of Hindutva openly admits the purpose of this is mockery,  in which they are using as the Daily Stormer has admitted in its own guide as a technique, following Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, to be a way of attacking without actually attacking with violence at the moment.

This was an interesting series of posts. In the top and bottom one, they respectively call the Virgin Mary a prostitute and then the picture of the women as the same as the Muslim “houris,” which the Times of Hindutva liked as “heavenly hookers for the Abrahamic cousins.” This means that these Hindus actually see Muslims no differnt than Christians. For even though as we and many other have pointed out, that the conception of God between Islam and Christianity is irreconcilable, the fact is that the Muslims associate with Abraham, and that association is enough to drive the Hindu pagans into a bloodthirsty rage out of their hatred of any idea of the slightest bit of holiness..

Do not be deceived. These saffron-robed Hindu nationalists are anything from friendly. They hate Jesus, they hate Christianity, and if you are a Christian they hate you. They admit they cannot wait until they get more power so they can ‘throw you into the ovens.’ These people have a lust for your blood and they are preparing to indulge their thirst.

Take them seriously, because they mean what they say.

Likewise, Christians in the West and throughout the wold need to pay attention to what is happening in India because we are witnessing in real-time the buildup to a mass murder akin to that which happened last century in Europe.

People say that they had not idea that what happened in the first or second world wars did happen. Yet for years, the processes that allowed for those events to take place were permitted to go unchecked, and even if they could not be stopped, so few were able to see or were aware of what was taking place.

Things are different today not in terms of essence, but that one can see the development piece by piece just as one can watch a video of how a baby goes from a single cell to a full-term baby on video.

It is all real, and it is happening again.

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