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Christians Go To Church To Praise God And Have A Bible Verse Quiz, Muslims Enter The Church And Murder Four Christians


By Theodore Shoebat

Christians in Nigeria were in church for worship service and also to have a Bible verse quiz. Islamic terrorists entered the church, murdering four Christians and seriously injure ten others. As we read in one report from the Christian Post:

Four Christians were killed two days before Christmas during a senseless attack on a Christmas carol celebration in Nigeria.

Human rights advocates are condemning a massacre that occurred in the Kaduna state of Nigeria that left four people dead and 10 others critically injured. A Fulani herdsmen is suspected of carrying out the attack, as Fulani herdsmen have systematically carried out similar attacks on Christians in Nigeria.

The United States-based NGO International Christian Concern reports that the attack happened around 10 p.m. and was confirmed by a local pastor named Gideon Mutum.

According to Mutum, the attack occurred during “an interdenominational carol that comes every Christmas with Bible quiz, drama, songs and preaching.”

The four people who were murdered have been named as Jude Haruna, Turaki Dauda, Kaffi Ali, and Amos Musa.

Southern Kaduna People’s Union shared a statement condemning the attack with ICC.

“We have once again come under unprovoked and gruesome attack two days before Christmas,” a statement from Yakubu Kuzamani, SOKAPU’s national public relations officer, reads. “This has left us wondering why people who had gathered peacefully for joyful Christmas carols in their village should be gunned down for no reasons.”

Southern Kaduna Progressive Youth Forum National Chairman Andrew Kure called the act “barbaric, wicked, and inhuman” and one that “should be condemned by all people of good conscience,” according to Vanguard.

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