Jesus' Coming Back

Jesus Christ is King

Two Girls Leave Paganism, And Declare That Christ Is The Only Way To Salvation, Their Pagan Family Enters Their Church, Drags Them Out Of The Worship Service, Ties Them Up And Leaves Them In A House For Four Days. The Father Beats Them. They Come Back And Say, “Do you still believe in God?” The Two Girls Declare: “We Want To Obey Jesus!”


“They tied us up and my dad hit my sister, but he didn’t hit me. I don’t know why,” Nani recalled.

They took the sisters back to their village, where they were separated and kept tied up for several days.

“They took me to my uncle’s house and asked me over and over again: ‘Do you still believe in God?’ They threatened me and told me that unless I renounced my new faith, they would keep me tied up,” said Nha Phong.

Eventually, after four days, the sisters were released.

“Our family was still very upset over our decision to stand firm in our faith in Jesus,” Nha Phong said.

Despite such persecution, the girls say their faith is stronger than ever.

“I believe that our strength to stand firm is a gift from God. God gave us the passion to believe,” said Nani. “There is a Bible verse in Ephesians 6. When people fought in the past, they used a shield, and I want to have faith like a shield. When the evil one tries to shoot arrows at us, I will use the shield to protect me. So I have to put my faith in Jesus.”

While Nani and Nha Phong’s father is still opposed to his daughter’s religion, his wife has shown interest in Christianity and even followed her daughters to church on occasion.

“Our mother never hit us, but our father did. He did this after the head of the village told him to. Dad listened to the authorities who did not want us to go to church,” said Nani. “He didn’t want my Bible in the house, so he took my Bible and hid it somewhere I couldn’t find it. I found it later, so now I can read my Bible again.”

“It has been really hard to not obey our father, who is the head of the family. But we want to obey Jesus more than anyone. We know that Jesus died for us, and we do not want to go back to our old religion. Even if it is difficult, we want to follow Jesus,” she added.

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