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Planned Parenthood Announces ‘My Body, My Choice’ License Plates to Counter ‘Choose Life’ Plates


LINCOLN, Neb. — Planned Parenthood of the Heartland has announced that its proposed “My Body, My Choice” license plates are now available for purchase by Nebraska residents after it submitted more than the 250 applications required by the state to request the production of certain specialty plates.

The plates, which include the Planned Parenthood logo, are posted on the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles website among other speciality plates and cost $70.

Planned Parenthood issued a statement on Dec. 28 in which it said it was “proudly” unveiling the new plates.

“‘My Body, My Choice’ license plates are an opportunity for Nebraskans to voice their own opinion on issues of women’s health—opinions that don’t necessarily reflect the opinion of the governor, lieutenant governor and some senators,” said Meg Mikolajczyk, associate general counsel and senior public affairs manager.

“After all, the majority of Nebraskans and Americans overall believe that a woman should maintain her right to reproductive choice as established under Roe v. Wade,” she claimed.

Planned Parenthood admitted that it decided to pursue the specialty plates after the Nebraska legislature sought the creation of “Choose Life” plates, which include a graphic of a mother walking with her child. Gov. Pete Ricketts unveiled the new plates in late November at an Omaha crisis pregnancy center.

“Life is precious and public officials have a duty to stand up and be a voice for the unborn and most vulnerable,” he said, according to the Lincoln Journal Star. “As governor, I have worked to support initiatives that protect and strengthen the culture of life that Nebraskans embody.”

The bill proposing the “Choose Life” plates had been put forward by Sen. Dan Watermeier, R-Syracuse, and passed overwhelmingly in the legislature.

“Every community has a responsibility to guard, protect and cherish human life,” Watermeier stated.

According to the Associated Press, Nebraska policies allow for the creation of specialty plates if the proposing organization can demonstrate that at least 250 people will purchase the plate, submitting $70 for each plate—or $17,500—at the time of application.

Watermeier put forward the “Choose Life” plate after the group Choose Life Nebraska was unable to meet the 250 threshold as required.

Planned Parenthood, which aborted 328,348 babies in 2015 according to its latest annual report, has started off the new year by again pushing for so-called abortion rights, posting on Monday a graphic that reads, “My resistance resolution: Don’t let anyone stop me from exercising my reproductive rights.”

Its affiliates have likewise been defending abortion on social media, including Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky, which tweeted the phrase “abortion is health care” on Friday, with the sentence repeating nine times. The post was liked over 25,000 times.

However, Christians have long decried abortion in America as being the savage murder of innocent children. Even in 1872, preacher Thomas De Witt Talmadge wrote in his book “The Abominations of Modern Society:”

“Herod’s massacre of the innocents was as nothing compared to that of millions and millions by what I shall call ante-natal murders. You may escape the grip of the law, because the existence of such life was not known by society, but I tell you that at last God will shove down on you the avalanche of His indignation, and though you may not have wielded knife or pistol in your deeds of darkness, yet, in the day when John Wilkes Booth and Antony Probst come to judgment, you will have on your brow the brand of murderer.”

Abortion is Murder from I’ll Be Honest on Vimeo.

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