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Two Christians In Egypt Gunned Down Outside Of Store By Terrorist On Motorcycle On New Years Day


Just days after a horrible attack on a church that killed 11 people in Egypt, two more Christians were gunned down by a terrorist on a motorcycle on New Years Day outside of a liquor store according to a report:

Just days after 11 people were killed during an attack targeting Christians in Cairo, two more Coptic Christians were killed by a gunman in Egypt on New Year’s morning in Cairo’s twin city.

Egyptian security officials confirmed the killing of two Christian brothers, who were slain during an attack on their friend’s liquor store in the town of Giza.

According to sources who spoke with AFP, the gunman was masked and on the back of a motorcycle taxi when he began firing on the liquor store at around 1:30 a.m. Monday.

Reuters reports that the weapon of choice was a rifle. At the time of the attack, the sources said that there were still New Year’s celebrators walking along the street.

The motive for the attack has not yet been made clear and there was no immediate claim of responsibility, which typically occurs after larger attacks on religious minorities in the region. The gunman is still at large.

The Egypt Independent reports that the two victims are named Ashraf and Adel Azar, who own a parts store located near the liquor store. The two were in the liquor store at the time of the incident to help the store’s owner, Raouf, transfer boxes of liquor from his vehicle into the store. The store’s owner survived the incident.

Although local residents tried to help the shooting victims, the men died on their way to a hospital.

The liquor store attack comes as 11 people lost their lives last Friday when a masked gunman opened fire at the Coptic Orthodox Church of Saint Menas in Cairo and a nearby shop owned by a Coptic Christian businessman. Ten citizens and one police officer were killed.

According to The Sunday Times, the liquor store killing bears a resemblance to the attack on the Cairo church and nearby Christian shop in the fact that it involved two gunmen who opened fire on a motorcycle. (source)

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