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Man Asked To Watch Eight-Year-Old Girl Instead Forces Her To Take Meth And Marijuana, Then He Sodomizes Her


A man was arrested after he was asked to watch an eight-year-old girl for several hours and instead during that time gave the girl meth and marijuana and then sodomized her according to a report:

A Missouri man admitted to raping an 8-year-old girl and forcing her to eat methamphetamines and smoke cigarettes and marijuana, according to local media reports.

Brett Pendleton, 48, has been charged with statutory sodomy or attempted sodomy and endangering the welfare of a child, according to court records. He’s from Union, Mo., but allegedly committed the crimes Monday in Washington, Mo., west of St. Louis.

Pendleton was on parole for manufacturing meth at the time, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

He was alone with the girl for about seven hours in an American Inn motel.

When the girl’s mother returned, the girl asked to speak with her mother alone in the bathroom and said Pendleton had hurt her.

The girl told Washington police that Pendleton forced drugs and sexual acts on her, according to Fox2.

The girl was taken to a hospital but later released, Washington Police Sgt. Steve Sitzes told the Post-Dispatch.

“As you can imagine an 8-year-old on meth, not a sight you see every day,” Sitzes said. “She was very fidgety, very amped up.”

The girl is a relative of Pendleton’s and had permission from her mother to stay with him. But when her mother stopped receiving text messages from her daughter, she began to worry and set out to find her.

Pendleton drove away from the motel as police were responding, they said. He was later apprehended, and a search of his motel room corroborates the allegations, the Post-Dispatch reported.

Pendleton reportedly admitted to rolling meth in toilet paper and feeding it to the girl. He also confessed to engaging in sexual contact with her.

He is in custody in Franklin County on a $250,000, cash-only bond. (source)

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