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Our Obsession With Getting University Degrees Is Further Causing Illegal Immigration


Finally, somebody said it! MOST people do not need to go to University. It’s a waste of time and just another way to get you in debt to the banks. We need trade schools. We need vocational schools. We need apprenticeships. We need agricultural training. And if it is necessary to get some university learning then let it be classes that PERTAIN to the subject. With every credit hour adding thousands to the life of our loans, why should we be forced to pay for a looney tenured professors class that has nothing to do with our job? We can get “well rounded” at home a LOT cheaper. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about our kids piled up with so much debt so early in their lives. For MOST, a degree is just debt. It got them IN debt. It’s just another way to manipulate and influence the debt ridden youth in the voting booth.

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