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Muslims Kidnap Christian Teen Girl And Sell Her As A Sex Slave To Muslim Man For $160


At the statistics come in, last year over thousands of Christians were kidnapped, assaulted, raped or sold into slavery by Muslims, such as the case of one Christian woman who was kidnapped and sold to a local Muslim leader for $160:

The head of one of the most prominent Christian persecution watchdog organizations in the United States shared the horrifying story of a young Christian girl who was kidnapped last year while on her way to school and sold off to a Muslim tribal leader for less than $200.

At the unveiling of the 2018 World Watch List at the National Press Club on Wednesday, Open Doors USA CEO David Curry explained that there were over 2,260 cases of Christian women and girls who were either raped, assaulted or forced into Islamic marriages during the organization’s 2017 reporting period.

One girl who faced such an experience in 2017 was a 14-year-old Nigerian Christian girl, Curry recalled.

Referring to her by the name of “Habiba,” Curry detailed the situation that her family faces.

“In Nigeria, which is No. 14 on the World Watch List, there was a 14-year-old girl this year who was walking to school — the picture of innocence,” he said. “As she walked to school, she was kidnapped and taken from her family by a Muslim extremist living in the northern tribal region. She was forced into marriage.”

Curry said that after the child was taken from her family, the extremist kidnapper agreed to sell the girl.

“A deal was cut with the tribal leader under sharia law to sell this 14-year-old girl, Habiba, for $160,” Curry explained. “Do you believe this is unique? It’s not.”

Open Doors USA estimates that about six women and girls throughout the world are raped, assaulted or forced into Islamic marriages every day.

Curry urged Christians in the West to put faces to the statistics.

“Imagine your mother or sister, your daughter being forced, being taken away from her home and being forced into marriage with a Muslim extremist maybe for $160,” he stated.

He also highlighted the story of a 47-year-old nun in India who was raped and abused by Hindu extremists.

“[L]ike Mother Teresa, [she] worked with the poorest of the poor in India,” Curry said. “Because of her faith and because of the rising pressure of persecution in India, she faced numerous threats on her life from Hindu extremists, who said to her, ‘Stop working with the poor, stop loving people in Jesus’ name or we will kill you or hurt you.’”

Those threats came true when two extremists attacked the nun at her medical clinic, Curry said. The nun was drugged, raped and left tied to a bed unconscious.

“When the police came to investigate, they began to systematically destroy evidence and had the shoddyist of investigative processes,” he stated. “That’s what justice is like in India.”

According to Curry, the nun’s attackers were acquitted. (source)

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