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Agreement reached on basis for negotiating new German govt coalition – lawmakers


German parties have agreed upon a 28-page blueprint, forming possible basis for breaking stalemate in coalition talks, according to German lawmakers.

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Good match? Merkel & Social Democrats still at odds on major issues as coalition talks gets underway

A member of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) as well as another lawmaker from the CDU’s Bavarian sister-party CSU, Dorothee Bar, tweeted the photo of the document’s cover on Friday.

“Many, many hours of painstaking work and alignment are contained in these 28 pages,”member of the Christian Democratic Union or CDU Julia Klockner tweeted.

Merkel’s conservative bloc, including the CDU and the CSU, embarked on negotiations over the potential forming of a coalition with the Social Democratic Party (SPD) led by Martin Schulz on Saturday. Should the outcome be fruitful, it may pave the way to forming a grand coalition of the two biggest parties.

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