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Germany raids Iranian regime sites for spying on Israel


Germany raids Iranian regime sites for spying on Israel

German police guard the Reichstag building, the seat of the German lower house of parliament Bundestag, before the German presidential election in Berlin, February 12, 2017. (photo credit: REUTERS)

German police raided several alleged spy locations across the country operating on behalf of Iran’s secret service on Tuesday who were conducting surveillance on Israel and Jewish targets.

Focus Online reported that German police have identified ten persons who are considered especially dangerous because they are members of the al-Quds brigade of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Focus wrote that the “al-Quds forces employ killer teams for Iran’s secret service for the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.”

Focus reported that the German authorities raided locations in the following German states in Baden-Württemberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Bavaria and Berlin.

No individuals were arrested. Germany’s domestic intelligence agency provided the information for the searches.

Iran’s proxy Hezbollah operates legally in Germany. The US, Arab League, Canada, Israel and Denmark classified-terrorist entity Hezbollah has 950 operatives in Germany. The Merkel administration has declined to outlaw all of Hezbollah in the federal republic.

The US government designated the IRGC a terrorist organization in October. Neither the EU nor Germany have done the same.

Germany’s Foreign Ministry rebuked Iran’s ambassador at a December ministry meeting for illicit espionage activities against pro-Israel groups.

Iran employed a Pakistani agent named Mustufa Haidar Syed-Naqfi to spy on Reinhold Robbe, the former head of the German-Israel Friendship Society, and an Israeli-French economics professor in Paris.

A Berlin court sentenced 31-year-old Syed-Naqfi in March to four years and three months in prison for working for Iran’s intelligence service to spy “against Germany and another NATO member.”

According to German media outlets, the foreign ministry made it “unmistakably clear to Iran’s ambassador, Ali Majedi, that legal violations of this form are completely unacceptable and have negative consequences on bi-lateral relations between Germany and Iran.” The reprimand took place on December 22. 

Germany is widely considered a stronghold of Iranian espionage, including Iranian regime efforts to obtain missiles and nuclear goods.

Tehran made nearly 40 attempts in 2016 to purchase missile and atomic technology, according to German intelligence reports reviewed by The Jerusalem Post. The NGO Stop the Bomb urged the German government last week to abandon its pro-Iran regime policies and show unconditional solidarity with the protestors calling for an end to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Between 2007 and 2017, German authorities conducted criminal investigations for 22 cases of alleged Iranian espionage, while Russia’s illicit spy activity led with 27 cases.

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