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General Mattis Admits: There is NO EVIDENCE to prove that Assad ever used chemical weapons


I was glad when General Mattis told the truth. General Eisenhower told us the truth too. I don’t want the grandchildren of my nation being deceived and used to kill and be killed by the grandchildren of other nations. There are ways to make a profit without spilling blood. But not a way to to satisfy greed. What does the bible say about greed?

General Eisenhower told us how we could keep this complex in check mate. Every battle is fought in the spiritual and physical realm. We all have a role. And we all share in some of the blame for allowing this complex to get out of control. We don’t need to be attending these groups that must meet in the secretive places where a child is “symbolically” sacrificed and an owl presides over the pissing contests and where favors can be bought through magik. Where the president is usually picked and groomed years in advance…(except for the year a certain peanut farmer upset the cart) where peace is sacrificed for profit…where there’s plenty of gay sex, where the good go and are unfortunately influenced by the evil, where career advancement and legislative success is also
bought through magik. Where wars are planned and financed over minerals and not just oil and blood diamonds. I look around and i think surely we’re too smart to fall for whatever excuses satan and his slaves will use to get us to kill one another…

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