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The Murder Rate Amongst Whites In America Is Suddenly Increasing. Here’s Why


Oh man, Theo bringing the thunder to “race realists” when he said that heaven is multicultural and if the race realists don’t like it, then they can go to hell then. LOL. Love it!

Theo, I think it really goes back to Gnosticism. It is a diabolical heresy that the apostles and their disciples fought and the battle continue to be waged today, it is the idea that the material world is evil and an illusion. Wasn’t there a group of Gnostics who literally forbade their members to marry because to their warped sense of reality, giving birth to a baby is to partake in evil? The name of the saint who fought them escapes me…perhaps it was St. Augustine of Hippo… but yeah, Gnostics gave the world the idea of eugenics.

Gnostics gave birth to an evil religion like Buddhism where everything, including suffering, is merely an illusion.

Yeah, it’s true that white people are suffering self-inflicted wounds from addiction to meth (that is very strong in my neck of the wood). I would occasionally check the crime report and it saddens me to see more and more white behind bar, so I agree with you, the study conducted blew a hole in BLM argument that the government and the police are only out to get black folks. It’s ridiculous.

The other problem I also see is how some Christians are getting wrapped up in race identity such as a church in California that celebrates only African saints such as St. Moses the Black while ignoring other saints who contributed a great deal to Catholic theology. White people are not any better for that matter. During the Civil Right era of the 60s and 70s, white folks often twisted the Scriptures to justify lynching of blacks, including murdering whites who defended and aided blacks.

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